Monday, 23 May 2011

How to Make: Dairy-free Pineapple Bun (Bo Luo Bao) 菠蘿包 Recipe

Dairy-Free Hong Kong Favourite- Pineapple Buns 菠蘿包

So I made this recipe a couple of weeks ago now.  It was my first attempt at making the iconic Hong Kong, ''Buo Lo Bao'' (translates into Pineapple bun), it is very similar to the Japanese, 'Melonpan'.  This recipe was a little altered from Christine's Chinese Recipe Blog because the people I was making it for are allergic to dairy products, so I adjusted it with the ingredients I had on hand- Coconut oil instead of butter and soy milk instead of milk.  The end result was pretty good, I let it go a little too brown on some of the buns, but they kept well for a couple of days, staying moist.  I microwave them for 20 sec before I eat them to soften them up a little.  It goes great with a cup-full tea!  I think they could've been more airy though, they were a little on the dense side.  I might try and let them rise a little longer.  The cookie crust was a little flour-y (is that a word?) but with many recipes to go with, it went pretty well.  SO HERE IS PINEAPPLE BUN ATTEMPT NUMBA ONE!!!

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

ready, set, BLOG! in Montréal

Hello from Montréal everybody!

  So, this is my first blog I've ever done this.  I'm new to this, but I'm going to start blogging now.  I might not be very good at it, but let me know what I should improve on as I continue!  This post is just a test, nothing specific.  If I may just add, Montréal is very nice!!

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