Sunday, 1 January 2012

How to Make: Taro Dumplings 芋頭角 Wu Gok

Happy New Year 2012!  Today I made a Taro Dumpling called Wu Gok in Cantonese.  It's a very popular dish to see in Chinese Dim Sum/Yum Cha places.  I must admit, it is quite difficult to make this.  The oil has to be at a good temperature otherwise it just won't work... Out of the 6 dumplings I made, only 3 came out mildly acceptable.  Try it out though, maybe you just have better luck than I do. The nettings become nice and crispy after you fry them...

Green Tea Matcha Mousse Cake (New Year's Cake)

Hi Everyone!  For New Year's Day, I made my Mousse Cake again (Click Here to See the recipe).  Except this time, I used Matcha, and it turned out sooo well.  I think I'm going to get so fat, LOL I'm kidding.  I've been eating cakes non-stop since Dec 22.  I like cakes, but aye....  New Year's Resolution? haha
Here are some pictures of it, and I made a video on How to Make it as well.  Hope you enjoy and please subscribe if you know how to!

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