Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Air Canada Flight Review; to Ottawa, Canada

 Hello from Ottawa, Canada, everyone!  It's such a beautiful city, and it's actually quite hot here right now!  I had quite a stress-free adventure coming to Ottawa.
Hello from Ottawa, the view of the City from my room.

The Flight
I left from Vancouver International Airport.  I was so lucky to be able to travel on an Air Canada Boeing 777-200LR airplane on my way here.  The flight had actually arrived from Sydney, NSW, Australia, and was connecting to Toronto, Canada.  It was fantastic, it was comfortable, spacious, and best of all, it had mood lighting!  There was AVOD (Audio Video On Demand).  They look like Apple's iPads stuck on to a seat, but they don't work anywhere near as well as the iPads.  After a long 5 hour flight on AC034 to Toronto, I nearly missed my connecting plane to Ottawa, so unfortunately, I couldn't take any photos. However, I did take photos of AC034 and of Ottawa!

The beautiful Boeing 777-200LR parked at Gate C51 at Vancouver International Airport for AC034
The beautiful airplane view over the Rocky Mountains
The Air Canada Flight Attendants on AC034
Seriously, they almost looked like this...
Flight attendants or Air hostess (in old language) was nothing special though. I think they're a little on the ageing side as well, they forget what you asked for, for example, when they were serving the drinks, I asked for a cup of water, and she gave a tin of Heinz's tomato juice...
(O_o)/ ??

Please tell me, does it sound similar? does it?
I'm left with this instead of water...
I also asked for a tissue, and she couldn't hear me (hearing problem?), I  think I had to repeat at least 3x I think...

The AVOD was good though, not all of the features worked, but most of them did. 
Everything else was average.   I like the mood lighting though, made me relax better!
Air Canada's AVOD System with power plug-ins or power ports, and USB Charging port.

Mood Lighting, departing at 9:00 am.

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  1. The view on the plane is so beautiful. I love the city. I think I could get use to living there! Cool!

  2. @TaniaYes it was gorgeous. It is a nice place to live indeed!

  3. I would love to visit the city.


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