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Good Chinese and Korean Food in Vancouver

24 Hour Feast in the Vancouver area.
Yesterday, I went to Vancouver for a feast! Greater Vancouver has awesome everything East Asian foods you can imagine! I usually go to Vancouver about once every two months. I took the ferry from Swartz Bay which serves Victoria, BC, Canada to Tsawassen, (Vancouver area). Lots of people going to Vancouver this weekend to watch the ALMIGHTY VANCOUVER CANUCKS HOCKEY GAME! YEAH!
So the first night we went for an 'All you Can Eat' Hot pot dinner in Richmond (there are tonnes of these AYCE Hot Pot restaurants in the area). It was $17.95 CAD/person, and there were three of us. Here's a video of the food, I think we ordered too much.

We got to choose two different soup bases, one was called 'Satay' even though it was practically like 10 kg of dried chillies and Szechuan peppercorns in water. It was SO SPICY, I practically choked when I just smelled it. The second one was not spicy at all, it was just a basic Chinese soup broth with some Sui Choy or Nappa Cabbage in English.

Here's a video of the Hot pot...

We started our long feast with a modest ordering of a plate of Zhu er duo or Pig's eat marinated in a salty-sweet coriander chili oil sauce. It was good, although I prefer the slices of pig ear to be a little thinner as they do at the T&T Supermarket Deli Section. However, the sauce was good, spicy enough and not too oily.
So we as we munched on our delicious appetizer, we see huge plates coming our way like missiles. This is what we check off on the little score card (each order comes in pairs for the seafood)-

Fish Tofu x 3 orders
Pork Meatballs (we call them Pork Balls, but it just didn't sound right after I typed it) x 3 orders
Beef Meat balls (Beef Balls etc..) x 3 orders
Prawn-Fish Balls x 5 orders
Squid-Fish Balls x3 orders
Cuttlefish Cake x 3 orders
Bean Curd Sheets 2 orders
Fried Gluten x 2 orders
Soft Silken Tofu x 1 order
Chinese Fungus x 2 orders
Beef Stomach x 3 orders
Pork Stomach x 3 orders
Fresh Oysters x 1 order
Fish Balls x 3 orders
Baby Octopus x 6 orders
Prawns x 3 orders

For the meats, we ordered

Sliced Lamb Shoulder x 16 orders (yes, it was a lot, but we got our money's worth here)
Sliced Pork Belly x 3 orders
Beef Tripe x 2 orders
AND!!!!! a humble order of watercress!

We could barely finish it, but we did! There were TONNES of food, and unfortunately, we couldn't try the dessert on the menu, which were almond jelly and chestnut jelly. I would've thrown everything up, I think I felt a baby octopus rumbling about in my stomach when I saw more food.


For some reason, I was really hungry the next morning, maybe it's because I mostly ate all protein from all of that. So, we hoped over to the food court of Yaohan Centre on No. 3 road to search for a good breakfast. I found a congee/noodle/chinese doughnut soup house so I 'carbed' up and ordered rice fun (rice noodles) with three sauces, a sesame sauce, sweet hoisin sauce and salty seafood-seasoned soy sauce, all topped off with toasted sesame seeds.
It was only $2.50.


I've always wanted to try this Korean restaurant, Kyung Bok Palace, located in Landsdowne Centre Mall, also on No. 3 road in Richmond. It's a AYCE Korean Bar-BQ restaurant , but they also have a regular menu. After last night's feast, I think it would be wise not to order the AYCE Bar-bq menu even though the barby grill was sizzling away everywhere around me. Nevertheless, I ordered from the regular menu, the salt grilled whole mackerel (it was AMAZING), and also a Dolsot Bibimbap which came with Korean side dishes, rice and a Seafood Kimchi Tofu soup.

Everything in this meal was delicious, service could've been a bit better. Next time, I'm ready to battle the $19.95 CAD ALL YOU CAN EAT KOREAN BAR-BQ.

That's it for now, I'm off to Ottawa in a few days!
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