Sunday, 1 January 2012

Green Tea Matcha Mousse Cake (New Year's Cake)

Hi Everyone!  For New Year's Day, I made my Mousse Cake again (Click Here to See the recipe).  Except this time, I used Matcha, and it turned out sooo well.  I think I'm going to get so fat, LOL I'm kidding.  I've been eating cakes non-stop since Dec 22.  I like cakes, but aye....  New Year's Resolution? haha
Here are some pictures of it, and I made a video on How to Make it as well.  Hope you enjoy and please subscribe if you know how to!


  1. Happy new year!! The cake looks delicious.

  2. Never tried matcha before. In fact I don't even know what matcha is!! I am quite intrigued by your post. will keep my eyes open for this ingredients.

  3. That tip is out there, google for it and see ( :
    powder green tea perth


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