Saturday, 18 June 2011

Instant Homemade Microwave Southeast Asian-Chinese Dinner

Easy Southeast Asian Flavoured Dumplings- In the Microwave!
Right now, I'm in Ottawa staying at the dormitories of the University of Ottawa and unfortunately, there are no appliances in the dorm's kitchen except a microwave, a sink, and a fridge/freezer.  It's sort of like in a hotel situation where I sort of have to eat out practically because the kitchen is quite incomplete.  But I was hungry and it was late, and had only a few things in the fridge and freezer which were frozen chinese dumplings, cilantro, one egg, a packet of white vinegar, a packet of toasted sesame oil, a packet of chili sauce and a small packet of Kikkoman's soy sauce.  But I ended up making a delicious dinner.
Click the ''Read More'' on the right to see how I made it without a stove.

Here's how I did it-

1.) Open the packet of frozen chinese dumplings and put it into a large bowl.  Add water enough to completely submerse the dumplings.

2.) Microwave them according to packet instructions (I put mine for 7 minutes) on high or until cooked.

3.) Remove the dumplings and crack the egg into the remaining hot water.  Stab the egg yolk with a fork gently to prevent it from exploding.  Microwave on low for one to two minutes.  Be careful not to overcook it or else it will mess it up your microwave.  You've just poached an egg in the microwave!

4.) Tear up the cilantro with your hands and open the packets of white vinegar, sesame oil, chili sauce and soy sauce.  Mix all together.  This is the dressing.

5.) Toss the dumplings into the cilantro dressing mixture.

6.) Gently place the egg (drain the excess water by placing it on some toilet paper or paper towel first) on top and eat!

Easy and delicious meal in a stove-less hotel-like situation!  I'm going to call it my emergency meal from now on!
Yummy Dinner!


  1. there's a kitchen in the lobby! have you found it?

  2. @oneandonly9080LOL, I JUST found it before I read this...but no pots and pans unfortunately...

  3. I am so hungry....:)


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