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Good EATS in Ottawa, ON, Canada-Part 1

Hello all!
There sure are a lot of good places to eat here in Ottawa!  There are tonnes of different cuisines in the downtown area, and all of them are delicious!  Over the past two week, I've had a lot to eat already, and look forward to more during my final week here in Ottawa.  There are lots of people in the downtown area at this time of year, and there are so many little shops to intervene into.  Here are a few places I went to-

Restaraunt #1
 Korea Garden Feast -     470 Rideau Street, (613) 789-5496, Ottawa, ON, Canada

 We went to Korea Garden twice (which is located on 470 Rideau Street, Ottawa, ON, Canada).  We chose the All you Can Eat Korean Bar-bq and Sushi option ($19.95/person for dinner and $15.99/person for lunch).  The bar-bq was in the middle of the table and they served us the raw meats and vegetables to cook ourselves. I'd definitely go back in a heartbeat, and I actually did a couple days later.  Continue down, and you'll see what I mean.  It was really a great experience and most important of all, delicious!  Below is a video on our feast in Ottawa!
                                                      Watch the video below of the Bar-bq

(Please excuse the poor camera quality, it's not very good, just my Canon SD1000 on movie mode that I bought too long ago.  I need an upgrade on a good camera/camcorder.  Do you have any suggestions?  Nikon, Sanyo, Toshiba, Panasonic, Sony???:/ Please leave comment if you do)
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The menu for the AYCE Bar-bq were:
Korean Side Dishes (Kimchi, seaweed salad, etc)
Marinated Beef (Bulgogi)
Marinated Pork
Marinated Chicken
Assorted Vegetables
Seafood Pancake
Mandu (Korean Dumplings)
Miso Soup
Spicy Pork Bone Soup
Assorted Sushi & Rolls to choose from

Second Time Around...
The restaurant was so good, that we went back for a SECOND time within a span of 3 days.  But this time, we ordered from the regular menu, to try out some new dishes.

As a special, ''Father Day's'' celebration, they gave all the customers a free appetiser which consisted of fried tofu and seafood pancake.  
Agedashi (Deep Fried Tofu) and Korean Seafood Pancake.. so yummy.

Korean Side Dishes... yummy

Seafood Dolsot...

 I ordered the Seafood Dolsot.  It was really amazing.  It had squid, mussels, prawns, egg, octopus which were all covered in a spicy red chili sauce all on top of rice, decorated with strips of nori.   It's served with a stone bowl that had been brushed with toasted sesame oil that is piping hot.  This is one of my favourite Korean dishes...!!!

 The masterful T&T Pineapple Bun...
I don't know how they make them...
The Almighty T&T Supermarket's Bo Luo Bao Pineapple Bun with Red Bean paste

T&T supermarket buns and breads are by far the best I've ever had.  Lucky there are many of them in Canada, including one here in Ottawa! They use a special Japanese technique called ''Utane'' which means they let the dough rise in a very warm environment, then shock it at a very cold temperature, and repeat this process again to form a very soft, pillow-like bread.  I bought a Pineapple bun that is filled with a generous amount of red bean paste.... it was sooo good so much better than my recipe, although those ones were pretty good too...---> Dairy-free Pineapple Bun (Bo Luo Bao) 菠蘿包 Recipe.
With the Red Bean Paste...

 The Cafe at the Market

Ottawa has a market right in the core of the city centre which has many cafe shops serving up delicious pastries, pastys, sweets, and deli meals.  It's so pretty to look at them, I love to take pictures of all these cakes.  I could eat them all, but don't think that's a good idea on the waist and on the budget...

Delicious Cheesecakes and Pies and MORE CAKES NYUM NYUM NYUM.....
The Choco-Almond Croissant is TO DIE FOR.

MORE AND MORE PASTRIES... Apple Strudel and fresh sandwiches. 

And........ Pizza!!!  
Bacon Supreme Pizza Slice :).

This was too tempting so I just had to order it.  A giant slice of pizza. Rideau Centre shopping mall food court in downtown Ottawa.  The outlet was called ITALIA right beside the KFC Chicken Shop...Yummy.

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  1. wow! wonderful pictures, Timothy! you have a knack for taking great photos as well. what kind of camera do you use?

  2. I suggest you get a dslr camera that has a video mode to it. They are an all in one package. Food looks good!

  3. @Anonymous
    I use a Canon SD1000 (7.1 Megapixel)


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