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Dim Sum/Yum Cha in Victoria, BC, Canada

Victoria, BC, Canada skyline.
Back in Victoria, BC, Canada for Dim Sum/Yum Cha.                                                                                                                                                        Ahhh... Home.  Back home in Beautiful Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.  It so nice to be back for the summer here where the weather is at a perfect 20-24 degrees Celsius with no sign of rain.  So peaceful and relaxing while seeing the harbour float planes take off into the midst of the bright clear sky!Victoria is located on Vancouver Island in Southwest Canada, has a population of 330,000 people and is the capital of British Columbia.  Being in Victoria is also the perfect place to go for YUM CHA/DIM SUM.  This post includes food from Yum Cha and some pictures of my hometown, Victoria!
Going for Yum Cha is a long tradition that the people of Southern China have been practising. Yum cha or dim sum is a unique dining experience like no other.  Among the people in  Hong Kong and Southern China, the word Yum Cha is the common word for this type of dining experience.  In the English speaking world, Yum Cha is commonly used in Australia, but in the United Kingdom, and United States, the word Dim Sum is prevalent.  In Canada, both are common.  The words Dim Sum and Yum Cha can be used interchangeably, sort of like pork and pig, but Dim Sum officially translates to ''touch the heart.'' Dang.

So it's really up to you what you prefer to call it.
Busy busy at 10:30 am already!
The usually sight of Yum Cha/Dim Sum include  steamed prawn dumplings, vegetables, delicious, sticky rice, baked tarts, jellies, and metal or bamboo pots pilled high on trollies which are filled with delicious flavoured meats.  It is always served with a endless amounts of tea, after all, Yum Cha does mean ''drink tea.'' Our family goes to Yum Cha/Dim Sum about every two weeks, if we are someplace where there is dimsum.  Luckily, we are back in the Pacific Southwest of Canada, where Asians are practically the majority of the population, so there is no excuse not being able to have CANTONESE DIM SUM! yum yum yum.
We went to Jade Fountain Restaurant which is just off of the new Uptown Construction, on 3366 Douglas Street, Victoria, BC, Canada - (250) 383-8718.

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The restaurant was quite good actually, and it was definitely comparable to the king of Cantonese food 
outside of Hong Kong- Vancouver, BC Canada.  The food was fresh, service was quick, a little on the oily
side on some dishes, but not overly distracting. Here are some pictures of the dishes we ordered.

On the left  it is a pork and prawn Chinese steamed meatball called- Siu Mai 燒賣  and on the right is sticky rice wrapped Chicken called Lo mai gai 糯米雞

Here on the far left are beef tripe in a black bean sauce called "Niudu''.  In the金錢肚. On top of that are chicken feet marinaded in a sweet and salty garlic sauce called ''Fung Zhao'' 鳳爪.  In the centre, they are deep fried prawn spring rolls, I don't know what they are called exactly but I just call them xia chun juan (shrimp spring rolls).  On the bottom right are some fancy ha gow 蝦餃 prawn dumplings, topped with scallops and salmon roe.

 So yummy.
 Broad and flat rice noodles in a salty sauce with beef and bean sprouts. It's called 乾炒牛河 gan chao niu he. 
 Here are some pictures of Victoria, BC, Canada!  I missed it so much, and it's so beautiful.  The ocean is only about ten minutes from my house so I went over and took some pictures!  VIctoria is not accessible by road if you are not on Vancouver Island.  Only by ferry, or plane.
At Beacon Hill park, facing towards Washington state's mountains.

Out in the Pacific ocean! 

Houses in Victoria

Gold course, Mountain, Hills and Ocean, so beautiful.

view of the beach from the car... sorry the picture isn't that great!
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Silly gulls.

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  2. @Christine@Christine's RecipesMe too! Thanks for dropping by my blog too! I want to try Chinese food in Australia one day!


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